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Whether you have realized it or not, in your travels, your eyes have most-likely been drawn to some spectacular piece of architecture, capped off with a roof that compliments and blends in with the overall beauty and design of the structure. Perhaps it was a resort, a commercial office building or even a private home. You may marvel at how it always appears so attractive, so clean and Concrete Roof Tilesso new.

Whatever structure caught your eye, it was most likely not capped off with an asphalt or cedar shingle roof. They simply don’t have the dramatic beauty, value and resilience of a hard tile roof.

With the deep industry expertise and flexible product offerings of Max-life, you have the opportunity to enhance and protect your new or existing home or commercial building with the upscale attractiveness and decades long durability of an array of eco-friendly concrete roofing tiles.

We offer everything from classic designs to an assortment of custom contemporary options; all in a wide assortment of colors to match your every desire. Our team of experts will guide you through your selection while clearly demonstrating the wisdom, value and benefits of your purchase.


Almost limitless colors available
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Green Attitude...Going Green

Our product creation process seamlessly combines tradition with innovation. We use the highest quality 100% recyclable raw materials and state-of-the-art production facilities to bring you stunning and durable eco-friendly products.

We are environmentally friendly with LEED!

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Services Offered

  • Consultations
  • Design Services
  • Free Estimates & Inspections
  • Custom Production
  • Excellent Customer Service

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