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Advantages of Concrete Roof Tiles

Max-Life signature concrete roofs instantly give your home or commercial residence distinctive eye-catching beauty and vast superiority in longevity, durability, and value vs. asphalt or cedar roofing.

Upscale Concrete Roof with Max-LifeConcrete Means Upscale, Not Drab
You can shun any images of a dull, gray roof from your mind. Innovations in concrete roofing tile manufacturing have made it possible to recreate traditional Spanish style ceramic roofing and a multitude of other classic and contemporary designs. And all can be offered in an array of custom colors to match your desires. Your roof will have upscale distinctive beauty, and just as an exquisite car turns heads on the street, the style and beauty of a Max-Life roof will be the focal point of your neighborhood… All while offering added protection, longevity, and environmental benefits to any structure.

Lasts a Lifetime
Concrete tiles are built to last a lifetime. In fact, there are structures around the globe where concrete roofing tiles have lasted well over a hundred years without needing replacement. With that kind of durability, whether you stay in your residence, or eventually market it for re-sale, it becomes clear why an investment in Max-Life Roof Tiles brings you ongoing beauty, protection, value and long-term cost-benefit. Asphalt shingles can weather poorly and result in serious deterioration in your home or commercial residence’s appearance and marketability. Cedar shingles require regular expensive and time-consuming maintenance. Both types are routinely subject to required or desired replacement during a time when your Max-Life “roof of a lifetime” would still be under warranty and continually protecting your residence and maintaining its original appearance. Max-Life Roof Tiles provide multiple decades of durability and beauty while enhancing your neighborhood and optimizing re-sale value.

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Think Green

Environmentally Friendly
With Max-Life concrete roofing tiles, you’ll also make a substantial contribution to cleaner air and climate protection. Our tiles contain a material that works as a catalyst and with the help of a natural photo catalytic process has been proven to neutralize harmful nitrogen oxide and turn it into a harmless substance. With our concrete roofing tiles, not only will your home or business residence be more beautiful and durable, you will also simultaneously be positively impacting our environment.


Other Benefits
In addition to the attractiveness, durability and longevity benefits of concrete, there are several other pluses to consider. With Max-Life Roof Tiles you'll be able to improve the energy efficiency of your home or commercial residence by keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. Concrete is an excellent insulator and resists the heat transfer that is a problem with other roofing materials. During colder months the increased air circulation that comes with concrete roofing installation methods will help keep your roof freer of ice and snow vs. other roofing materials. The benefits transfer to your wallet via improved internal temperature control of your residence and more efficient use of heating and cooling systems.

At Max-life we are an experienced, flexible and dedicated group of professionals standing ready to bring you the combined value and distinctive beauty of our signature concrete roofs.

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